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28 December 2014

About Flathead Memo

Flathead Memo is an independent journal of observation and analysis, founded in 2006, that serves the Flathead Valley and Montana.

Flathead Memo is not a mouthpiece for anyone else or any organization. I’m the sole funder, writer, editor, and designer-webmaster. I’m a Democrat, but I’m not a mouthpiece for the Democratic Party. Democrats and Republicans alike tend to toss down a stiff bourbon to steel themselves for what they sometimes consider my latest outrage.

Finally, Flathead Memo is not a conduit for anonymous comment. I do not shout from the shadows. On rare occasions — and I emphasize the word rare — and on a case-by-case basis, which is the only way to do it — I may withhold an author's name as there can be a case for anonymous commentary. But one of the worst aspects of the internet is the tendency of authors to hide behind pen names. Anonymous blogging and commenting encourage hit-and-run writing and work to the detriment of taking responsibility — and credit — for one’s actions.

— James Conner