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16 April 2017

May Easter’s bunny bring a day that’s sunny


Last year, Easter was early. This year, it’s 20 days later — not the latest possible, but late enough. Moreover, it’s on the same day as Easter for the Eastern Orthodox Church, which bases its calculation on the Julian calendar instead of on the Gregorian calendar used in the west. You’ll find more information at Flathead Memo’s Calculating the date of Easter.

At The Conversation, you’ll find The very strange history of the easter bunny, a light-hearted but not for little children look at fertility, rabbits, eggs, and a symbolic bunny.

Forbes has The curious history of Easter eggs from birth to burial, a serious but enlightening read. Tomorrow, the 139th White House Easter Egg Roll will be live-streamed, but reportedly not an especially trumped-up affair. Will all the eggs be white? Will the event’s level of organization be consistent with the level of organization thus far endured in this administration?