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7 August 2017 — 1703 mdt

Does John Heenan’s campaign have an internet presence?

Updated 9 August. Yes, Heenan has a presence on the web.

When Rob Quist announced his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for the U.S. House, he had a website and reached out to bloggers.

Today, Billings attorney John Heenan announced he’s a candidate for the Democratic nomination for the U.S. House seat now occupied by Greg Gianforte. Heenan notified newspapers and television stations. The Last Best News has an excellent story on Heenan’s candidacy.

Heenan did not send his announcement to Flathead Memo, although he may have sent it to other blogs in Montana.

Update. The Western Word reported this morning that Heenan does have a website. It’s heenanforcongress.com. The domain was registered on 23 June 2017.

He does not seem to have a website. Obvious domains such as heenan4montana.com have not been registered. I did not find him on Facebook, although he may be there. Nor could I locate contact information for him other than a form on his law firm’s website.

Being hard to get in touch with is not a winning campaign strategy.

But his position on health care, as described by the LBN, could be a winner:

Of particular concern to him, he said, are the many people forced into bankruptcy as a result of medical emergencies, either because they had no insurance or couldn’t afford high deductibles. He said he has represented dozens of people in those situations.

“I really feel strongly that we just shouldn’t be a country where people have to file for bankruptcy, or worse, because they have a medical emergency,” Heenan said.

“Medicare for all makes sense,” he continued. “It ought not be treated as pie in the sky. It makes sense for regular people and it makes sense for businesses that compete in the international economy” against companies that don’t have to provide their workers with private insurance.

If Heenan ever gets around to reading Flathead Memo, he may find he agrees that what I call American Care (2017 post, 2013 post), which could be called Super Medicare, is the best single-payer system.

Flathead Memo is not making an early endorsement in this election. But Flathead Memo does endorse candidate’s reaching out to bloggers and having campaign websites online before throwing their hats in the ring.