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13 August 2017 — 2219 mdt

Montana Democrats release names of new officers

These are the men and women who will lead the Montana Democratic Party during the 2018 election cycle. The cognoscenti will recognize many of the names. Mary Sexton served in state government. Rep. Bryce Bennett is completing his fourth term as a Missoula legislator. Kelly McCarthy is a legislator in Billings. Lynn Stanley chairs the Flathead Democratic Party.

The clinical language — male and female — is the party’s language. I would have granted the officers the dignity of being considered men and women.

I extend my thanks and congratulations to all for taking on these duties.

Contact information is available at http://www.montanademocrats.org.

State Chair: Mary Sexton
State Vice-Chair: Bryce Bennett
State Secretary: Sue Tarpey
State Treasurer: Sandi Luckey

Western District Female Chair: Lynn Stanley
Western District Male Chair: Donavon Hawk
Western District Female Members: Stacie Anderson, Eve Franklin
Western District Male Members: Andy Shirtliff, Lewis YellowRobe

Eastern District Female Chair: Elizabeth Marum
Eastern District Male Chair: Kelly McCarthy
Eastern District Female Members: Hannah Nash, Vicki Dickinson
Eastern District Male Members: Ming Cabrera, Jack Trethewey