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10 February 2017

Big Sky Rising

It’s not the name of a novel. It’s a new political group, progressive in nature with an indeterminate relationship to the Montana Democratic Party, that’s apparently an outgrowth of the Pantsuit Nation phenomenon that materialized three weeks before Hillary Clinton lost the election. BSR’s mission statement:

Big Sky Rising empowers individuals and connects communities while fostering equality, diversity, human rights, civil liberties and a sustainable future through respectful dialogue, education and advocacy.

My sources report the members are mostly women, mostly new to politics, mostly progressives, and were jolted into action by Donald Trump’s victory. Their organizing manual, a good one, is the Indivisible Guide written by former congressional staffers.

Right now, they’re learning how to organize and agitate for social change, politely getting in the face of Republican politicians, and sending “we love you” messages to Democrats such as Jon Tester. At some point, some may develop the wisdom and courage to run for office, or to work for progressive candidates, as it’s always more effective to win elections than to lose them and raise a ruckus while out of power.

There’s a Flathead group that next meets in Whitefish on Monday, 13 February, from 1800–2000 at the Whitefish Community Center.

I’ve added Big Sky Rising to Flathead Memo’s blogroll.