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17 February 2017

Kevin Curtis may be Amanda’s biggest problem

Along with Rob Quist, whom I’ve endorsed, and Rep. Kelly McCarthy, Rep. Amanda Curtis is one of three Democrats with a realistic chance of being nominated for the U.S. House seat that Rep. Ryan Zinke will vacate after he’s confirmed as Secretary of the Interior. All are good people.

Curtis, however, has a problem not shared by Quist and McCarthy: a spouse, Kevin, whose passionate and sometimes brass knuckled defense of his wife, and attacks on her critics, make her appear weak. Today, in a comment on Montana Cowgirl, responding to a comment by Amorette, Kevin reached a new low:

Amorette: Many of the Democrats in eastern Montana–and, yes, we exist–are supporting Rob Quist because he has made an effort to reach out to us. Amanda Curtis, while I like her generally, has tossed eastern Montana and our concerns aside as unimportant to her because we can’t turn out enough votes. I also think Quist is just plain electable and yes, he does have a very good grasp of the issues.

Kevin: Amorette “while I like her generally”? Come on we all know you hate her with a white hot passion or you would just champion your guy and not attack another Democrat in such a public manner. I could attack your man, I could let people know about the potentially damaging things that have been dug up on him that the other side has leaked, I could hammer away every chance I get like you do….is that what you want? Is it? It’s almost as if you are nothing more than a political operative engaging in dirty politics….

Kevin’s smear and run is an especially odious exercise in mudslinging. Kevin is saying he has dirt on Quist, but he’s not going to provide the details lest Quist have concrete allegations against which he can defend himself. Dirty politics? You bet. An assist for Amanda? Only in the eyes of Kevin and the other detractors of Quist who are constantly cudgeling him in the comment sections of Cowgirl and other liberal blogs.

When Kevin blazes away like this, he diminishes Amanda. I have no illusions that he will ever understand that. When a commenter at Intelligent Discontent admonished him for excessive zeal, he responded with fury and vowed no one will ever shut him up. Then he disappeared for several days. Now he’s back, stinking-up the comment sections, meaning well but doing ill.

Kevin has a right to free speech, the same right we all have, and I’ll defend that right and defend it with vigor. But I can’t and won’t defend his mudslinging. The best way he can help his wife is to step back, quiet down, and let Amanda promote and defend herself. She’s pretty good at that, and doesn’t need anyone to sling mud on her behalf.