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30 July 2017 — 1515 mdt

Do MT Democrats believe that only tall men should hold office?

Montana’s Democrats, and others, are rightly criticizing Montana Secretary of State Corey Stapleton for his campaign against the virtually nonexistent threat of voter fraud. He has no proof that voter fraud exists, but he has faith that it does, and on that issue seems to have a zealot’s immunity to facts and logic.

He also has one less department head at MT SecST. Derek J. Oestreicher, an attorney, and Stapleton’s choice to head SecST’s elections and voter services department, resigned last week. Oestreicher, according to Logicosity, and the Missoulian, apparently resigned because of the strength of his disagreement with Stapleton’s jihad against voter fraud.

Unfortunately, Logicosity accompanied its report with a cheap shot at Stapleton’s physical stature:

Derek, an attorney by trade, and his former principal, one who suffers from a severe case of Napoleon Complex… [Link in original.]

Stapleton stands several inches under six feet. Oestreicher is six feet with some inches to spare.

But as I noted when taking Montana Cowboy to task for belittling Stapleton’s stature, Stapleton was tall enough to graduate from the U.S. Naval Academy, tall enough to serve his country as a naval officer, and tall enough for the voters of Montana, who chose him as their secretary of state last November.

Alleging that he has a Napoleon complex, that because of his height he has an inferiority complex, that he’s too short to be a good public servant, is high school locker room level bullying at its worst. It’s the politics of personal destruction. It’s disgraceful. It needs to stop. Now.