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9 March 2017

Will the Democratic National Committee help or hinder Rob Quist?

Rob Quist’s campaign needs a lot of money — at least $5 million — and needs it right now. The Democratic National Committee could help raise that money. Only 2,000 donations of $2,500 are needed. There are more than enough Democrats with pockets that deep.

But will the DNC help? National Democrats like and help candidates who produce polls promising a win. But the DNC turns up its nose at long-shot candidates, considering them high-smelling panhandlers who always beg for bread but never win an election.

It looks to me as though the DNC will be a dollar short, an hour late, and proud it didn’t “waste” resources on an old musician with all his fingers who had the temerity to win Montana’s Democratic nomination without the blessing of the party’s ossified leadership.