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11 March 2017

Rob Quist’s new campaign website has no issues page


Where does Rob Quist stand on the issues? A few days ago, one could find out by visiting his campaign website, www.robquistformontana.com, and reading his issues page.

Today, that website has disappeared, replaced with www.robquist.org. The issues page is gone. So are the biography of Quist and the news page. All that remains are a photograph of Quist, a volunteer sign-up link, and, of course, a link for donating money to his campaign.

Will his new website eventually contain an issues page? Perhaps. After all, Steve Bullock’s 2016 campaign website finally added an issues page in late summer.

But Quist already had an issues page. Why has that been suppressed? Is it because Hilltop and the Montana Democratic campaign consultancy cabal are preparing a sanitized, poll tested, platform built from planks intended to appeal to weak Republicans?

This is clumsy and arrogant campaign management.