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12 March 2017

Was Rob Quist’s old campaign website hacked?
Are some Missoula Democrats hurting his campaign?

Security issues? At Polson last night, Quist told a friend that his old campaign website was taken down for security reasons, and that an issues page would be added to his new website. I’ve received no specifics, but Friday one of my readers reported a strange entry on Quist’s Facebook page. I checked the Facebook page, but could not find the entry.

The issues and biographical information on Quist’s old website could have been inserted into the new website’s template in just a few minutes.

Thanks to Nathan Kosted, much of his old issues platform is available at Intelligent Discontent.

The robquist.org domain was registered on 8 March 2017.

Missoula mischief? A reader reports today that the pro-Quist door knocking blitz in Missoula was hindered because the Facebook page for the event contained information that was not correct, and was late in being posted. That’s disturbing news. The foul-up may have been just a blunder, but I’m not dismissing the possibility of intentional disruption.

Do all Democrats want to help Quist? Most do, but I’m receiving disquieting reports that for a multitude of reasons, some Democrats regard his candidacy as an attempt to execute a hostile takeover of the Montana Democratic Party and would be delighted if he lost the election, thus putting down his insurgency.