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3 May 2017 — 1016 mdt

Rob Quist kicks off election month by voting early

Smart political candidates always vote at the earliest possibly moment, making the event a photo opportunity for the local news media. Back in the day, before election day became election month, and photographers used 4x5 Speed Graphics and No. 25 flashbulbs, the event was quite a production. If staged well, the event resulted in a big black and white image of the beaming candidate depositing his ballot in the box being splashed above the fold of the local evening newspaper. Presumably, that incited procrastinators to vote before the polls closed.

Now there are 30 consecutive election days, small digital cameras, and a lot less drama. But the custom of early voting is still observed. Here’s Rob Quist voting in Kalispell yesterday.


To echo J.M. Brown over at The Western Word, if you’re voting by absentee ballot, there’s a good argument for not marking your ballot for at least a couple of weeks given how much is happening with the election.