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8 May 2017 — 1559 mdt

Guest post by Mary Moe — Why I voted for Rob Quist


By Mary Moe

I have known Rob Quist since I was in college, where his wife and I were good friends. But that’s not why I voted for him.

I have watched Rob evolve as a musician – from a talented Jubileer at the U of M to a guitarist/singer in the popular Mission Mountain Wood Band to the respected singer/songwriter/player of many instruments that he is today. But that’s not why I voted for him.

I have observed Rob raise two great kids but care for many more, and struggle with his health and finances but contribute his time and talent over and over again to many Montana causes. But that’s not why I voted for him.

Over the course of nearly half a century, I’ve known Rob Quist to be a man of heart. Year after year, decade after decade, he has shown himself to be unfailingly kind to, concerned about, and truly interested in everyone he encounters. Because he cares about people, he respects varied points of view, understands that the experiences of Montanans are as varied as Montana’s landscape, and has spent his adult life trying to hear, understand, and express those perspectives and experiences in ways that will make all our lives better.

Year after year, decade after decade, Rob has shown the deep love he has for the land we call Montana, the science and history and art that have shaped it, and the people who rely on it, not just for a livelihood, but for a way of life that goes deeper than economics or even recreation, a way of being that becomes core to who you are.

I want an individual with that kind of heart representing me and you at a time when truly caring about the human agenda and being candid about what your part in that agenda really is have never been more important. That’s why I voted for Rob Quist. I hope you will too.

Moe is a former State Senator from Great Falls. Flathead Memo is honored to publish her essay explaining why she voted for Rob Quist.