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14 May 2017 — 1904 mdt

Three Lee newspapers endorse Gianforte

Today the Billings Gazette, Missoulian, and Helena Independent Record, three of the four major Lee Enterprises newspapers in Montana, endorsed Greg Gianforte for Congress. This is no surprise given Lee’s reputation for unbridled greed.

None of the newspapers was crass or honest enough to write an endorsement editorial that said “We’re endorsing Greg Gianforte because he’s the best bet for our corporate masters to make more money.” Instead, each editorial writer strung together a list of weak arguments before concluding, in the manner of a sad but wise parent, that Gianforte is the lesser evil.

But, I believe, the endorsements were made fundamentally because Lee wants Montana represented in the U.S. House by another Republican. That provides the highest odds that Congress will pass, and President Trump will sign, legislation lowering taxes on businesses and the wealthy. And that’s why the Gazette’s high command had Tom Lutey writing stories presenting Rob Quist in an unfavorable light.

At Intelligent Discontent, Don Pogreba examines the arguments in the editorials, and Pete Talbot reports on the increasing concentration of right wing news media in Montana.