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29 November 2017 — 0649 mdt

Forty progressives rally against GOP tax bill


Updated. Forty Flathead progressives rallied yesterday in Kalispell, protesting the Republican tax cuts for the rich legislation that’s moving through Congress at the speed of a terrorist’s truck. A few more progressives met with representatives of Sen. Steve Daines in his office a half block east of the rally.

These activities boost the spirits of progressives, but have no effect on Daines. Progressives should continue making themselves visible and audible, but to prevail they must run for office themselves and help elect Democrats (the Flathead’s Democrats need a strong candidate to challenge GOP Rep. Frank Garner in HD-7, a district that Democrats have won and can win again).

Below, more images from the rally.


Progressives occupied all four corners of the intersection of Main and Second Streets.


As fine a collection of bumper stickers as exists anywhere.


I don’t remember seeing a sign supporting single-payer health care, but perhaps there was one that I missed. “Affordable insurance” is the weasely phrase employed by the Hillary Clinton/Wall Street wing of the Democratic Party.


“Tax the poor, enrich the rich.” Otherwise known as Reverse Robin Hood revenue raising.


Mixed messages.


Tax the top? Yes. A just society requires progressive taxation. And progressive taxation is what progressives support. But Democrats, desperate for revenue to finance good programs, are all too willing to tax the poor when they can't tax the rich.