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30 November 2017 — 1647 mdt

Republican tax bill damage can’t be reversed before 2021

And maybe not even then. Some form of Reverse Robin Hood tax legislation will pass Congress, and President Trump will sign it into law. Democrats don’t have the votes to stop it — and even if they did, they’re so easily distracted by race and sex that they would have difficulty mustering effective opposition.

Further damage to the New Deal, Great Society, and progressive policy will occur next year. The soonest Democrats can stop the regression to Coolidge-Hoover government is 2019, and then only if they recapture a governing majority in at least one chamber of Congress in 2018. That’s possible, but not, in my judgement, likely.

Reversing the damage requires Democrats winning in 2020 the Presidency and governing majorities in both the U.S. House and Senate. Even if that happens, there could be enough Blue Dog Democrats to derail legislation restoring progressive taxation and enacting a national health care system.

I hope Democrats return to power and repair the GOP’s damage, but I do not expect that they will. The Democratic Party of FDR, HST, JFK, and LBJ, the party of the working class, is dead. Its social and economic accomplishments are being extinguished. The whole of today’s Democratic Party, the party of minorities and educational elites, is considerably less than the sum of its identity caucuses. The Hillary/Wall Street wing, experts at losing elections and savage opponents of single-payer health care, remains in control. Instead of focusing on economics, the party continues to denounce the white working class as homophobic racists who make Archie Bunker look like Jesse Jackson, and to demand that every man who offends a woman resign from office in eternal disgrace, to be replaced by misandrists who insist that women never lie and thus must never be contradicted or opposed.

Almost any Democrat except Hillary Clinton could have defeated Donald Trump. Hillary could not have defeated any Republican. That was known at least as early as 2008. Yet the identity infested Democratic Party nominated her, an act of staggering stupidity tantamount to throwing an election. Hillary gave us Donald Trump and a Republican Congress. As much as the Tweeter-in-Chief, she’s responsible for the dystopia into which America is descending and from which may never emerge.